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The demo versions have had some functionality removed, but still offer an insight into the power of the software. The trial versions of our software are fully functional, time or use limited, evaluation versions.

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Code Storm represents the pinnacle of code generation tools. A generic, flexible, script-driven tool that provides the developer with the ability to generate previously highly time-consuming database related code in minutes.

Rapid Application Development

Code Storm gives the developer the ability to take a database object (table, view or stored procedure), and very quickly produce native database code and associated source code, to implement all the tasks required to maintain that database object.

Delivering the Back Office in record time

Using user-defined scripts in conjunction with Code Storm's R.A.D. capabilities, a developer can go from database table to fully functional maintenance screen in minutes. Using the highly flexible G.U.I., the developer could feasibly code an entire back office maintenance suite with only one session in Code Storm. Code for maintaining multiple tables in multiple databases, on different servers, may be generated in a few clicks - a task that would normally take weeks or even months.

Facilitate Project Management

Code Storm's use of pre-defined and user-defined scripts, allows the development team to maintain consistent coding standards, naming conventions, code layout, code commenting, and ensures maximum performance where possible through the use of re-usable well-proven code.


Code Storm is shipped with pre-defined 'fast track' scripts that build reliable database code in seconds. Simply point Code Storm at a database table, choose the output options, and Code Storm will create stored procedures to Select, Insert, Delete, or Modify the table. Developers can also run their own scripts against the newly created stored procedures, building the program source code to execute the stored procedures in seconds.

Industry Standard Scripting Engine

At the heart of the application is the highly innovative VBScript engine. Code Storm uses this to run scripts generated by the developer. These scripts are the real power behind Code Storm; they can encompass any amount of functionality from returning a simple recordset, to a complex business class. All code generated by Code Storm is based on these scripts. Using a combination of either VBScript or Jscript and the target language, be it VB, C++, C#, Java, ASP, Delphi or any language that utilizes database access, a developer can generate 'data aware' code to do anything at all. After a script has been written, used and the generated code tested, the script does not require further testing. This feature brings a time saving benefit to the development team, and the reassurance of bug free code.

Flexible Script Management and Editing Capabilities

Script Manager

Code Storm manages scripts for you using an integrated Script Manager. The Script Manager allows the developer to arrange scripts in a structured way that reflects the business or system areas to which they belong. The Script Manager will allow scripts to be stored on a network drive for access by the whole development team, and will manage all aspects of script locking, in order to prevent two or more developers editing the same script at the same time.

Script Editor

Code Storm also contains a fully featured Script Editor. The Script Editor supports full colour coding (user customisable) and Visual Basic® style intellisense. The intellisense may be customised by the developer to include an object model that the developer regularly works with. A very useful feature for anyone writing scripts in more obscure languages. The Script Editor and Script Manager also feature a powerful script recovery facility, that will ensure the minimum loss of work in the event of an unexpected system crash or power outage.

There is a forum on the Digital Lenz web site where Object Model Data Files can be uploaded to be shared by the development community at large.

Powerful and Intuitive Graphical User Interface

One of the great strengths of Code Storm is its user interface. Based loosely around the 'explorer style' windows components, the GUI allows you to work with an extremely large and diverse collection of data objects, from within a single screen. Familiar 'tree view' components allow the developer to browse through their database sever connections and database objects, easily selecting objects for further processing. Using 'fast track' scripts, the developer may wish to generate stored procedures directly onto a database or output the SQL code into an ASCII file on the developer's hard drive. Alternatively, the developer may want to use a user-defined script to generate SQL code or program source code onto the hard drive in an existing file or newly created file. The permutations are endless, but what the developer does get, is the ability to build an extremely complex queue of operations that will generate literally thousands of lines of code at the click of a button.

Once scripting is complete any exceptions encountered are reported and the relevant scripts can be edited to fix any problems. The editor highlights errors so you can see exactly which line failed. The scripts can then be resubmitted repeatedly until they all execute exception free. The whole process is geared to maximum flexibility and productivity without having to continually start and close Code Storm.

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