Code Storm Professional

Do I have to learn a new language in order to use Code Storm?
No, Code Storm uses the same language constructs as Visual Basic.
Can I use Code Storm on any ODBC compatable database?
Code Storm currently only works with SQL server 7/2000. Oracle, DB2 etc. are being developed and will be available shortly.
How long will it take to get familiar with Code Storm and be able to generate meaningful scripts?
Code Storm can be as simple or as complex as you want, but on average most Beta testers were up and running within 1 hour.

Developer Foundations

Do I have to start using Developer Foundations at the start of a new project or can I use it to clean up existing projects?
Developer Foundations allows the user to decide what needs fixing by displaying issues via the tree icons, so you can use it immediately on any project - old or new.
Do I have to add documentation details to every procedure prior to documenting a project?
Developer Foundations will generate standard help details for every procedure and module. The user decides what needs to be expanded on and add the details accordingly.
I am on a 800x600 resolution, but I cannot easily see all the properties. What should I do?
Developer Foundations can run at lower resolutions but we recommend 1024x768 as a minimum.
What sort of specification machine do I require to run Developer Foundations?
Any machine will run Developer Foundations, but the more powerful the machine is, the smoother the experience.
I want to put my name in the documentation for each procedure I document. How can I achieve this?
Developer Foundations does not allow for this. It is not necessary to know who wrote the procedure, as long as the documentation gives a clear and concise explanation of what the code does.
Are there any royalties associated with the distribution of help files?
Any documentation the user generates using Developer Foundations belongs to the user.
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